Put on Kangaroo’s Shoes!

Last week, I spent time reading to Dayton preschool students as part of their summer camp “Author and Artist Week.” Classrooms ranged in age from toddlers to first grade.

It isn’t uncommon that teachers will prepare learning material or activities to set the stage for my readings and I am always fascinated by the clever ideas they come up with to support the theme of the story.

As I walked the halls of the school, I noticed these cute little Joeys on the wall outside the toddler room. What a great way to teach that age group such an important concept — Where do your shoes go?  Are they on the right feet? (Answer: not always — but this is where dressing yourself begins.)

Hats off to the teachers who came up with this adorable exercise.  It is perfect for both attention span and skill level.

Maybe you can try it at home!

Homeschool Packet Coming Soon!

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Kangaroo’s Shoes will soon offer a lesson packet geared toward homeschooling parents.  The book, which already includes important skill building elements, will serve as a teaching tool and come with an optional support packet of exercises, games, and lessons that parents can easily incorporate into their curriculum.

Stay tuned for more information!

Kangaroo’s Shoes Author Radio Interview Tonight

Listen to My Radio Interview Tonight, posted by Richelle Taylor Krzak provides details on tonight’s interview on BlogTalkRadio.

Hear Richelle speak with host of I Love Authors, Melissa Lierman, about the process behind writing Kangaroo’s Shoes, collaborating with illustrator, Sunny Colaneri, and what it is like to be an working mom and author.

Kangaroo’s Shoes On Sale At Barnes & Noble

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Don’t miss Barnes & Noble‘s after holiday sale and a chance to scoop up your copy of Kangaroo’s Shoes along with other great deals!

Click here for more details

Adventures Through Reading

Kangaroo’s Shoes author, Richelle Taylor Krzak, recently visited Springboro, OH based preschool, Adventures Through Learning. She shared the important lesson of honesty as learned by the book’s main character, Joey Kangaroo. The story readings were held for children ranging in age from 2-5 years old.

Visit to a Local Elementary School

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The month of December included some local story readings at schools in the Dayton area. Among them was a visit to E.G. Shaw Elementary, attended by Kangaroo’s Shoes author, Richelle Taylor Krzak.

To read her review and see photos click here


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